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Use Automation to fight DMCA

We index and you can totally automate your usenet setup with free tools like sabnzbd, sonarr and radarr through our compatible api.

Speed and high availibity

Our cloud-based solutions offers you a responsive application and higher availibity. Speed is improved by using a single-Page application and keeping your index lean. We only index what is relevent for TV, movie and adult fans.

Notice: is a simple nzb indexer with a modern UI. If you are looking for a self-hosted and free opensource meta search engine for nzb indexers called nzbhydra (by author theotherp) then please visit his github repository - we are in no way affiliated with the author or the meta search engine nzbhydra. We do not provide functionality like a meta search engine.

Download movies and TV Series. From usenet with ease.

We have implemtented a simple and fast User Experience that focus on the essential information when you search for movies or tv series on usenet. Our goal is that you quickly find what you are searching for. We have a search-first approch meaning, you should extensively use the search and filter options when looking for your favorite content.

Download movies and TV Series from usenet

Find obfuscated releases. Avoid DMCA-takedowns.

We deobfuscate tons of releases you only find on top sites - so you have a better chance at grabbing your content before the DMCA-takedowns blows away everything.

Obfuscated content to avoid DMCA

Oh yeah, this is just the beginning. We have planned more awesome new features.

Most nzb indexer are all based on one and the same script. We develop our complete own frontend from skretch and want to delevop even more awesome features in the future.

We keep devoloping for usenet

We respect your privacy and accept Bitcoin.

Recent events in the usenet ecosystem have shown that you should be careful about using payment system like paypal or credit cards when buying access to an nzb indexer. We only accept bitcoin, which protects us and our customers. When you order we only know the bitcoin address you send the bitcoins from. We do not know your home address (in case of paypal your merchant gets this information) nor your real name or any other information to identify you. Because bitcoin has no fraud risk we do not even log your ip address during the order-process (which is always done when merchants accept credit cards or paypal) Of course bitcoin is not totally anonymous, but compared to credit cards and paypal it is 10 times more privacy-friendly.

Privacy respected

One-Stop PORN, yeah! Loads of Preview-Images.

We want to be the one-stop for porn on usenet. We show a ton of preview images no other site offers for usenet content.

Loads of porn and adult content with preview images

Mobile-ready and newest webtech.

Use our website on your mobile phone without problems. This website uses a modern javascript framework (VueJS) and is optimized to load fast.

We are mobile-ready